History of Reen's Pharmacy in Rathmore

Edmond P. Murphy of Cork, known as Ned Murphy, and Maura O'Sullivan 'from the Star Bar' Rathmore, opened their pharmacy in 1946. Their first recorded prescription, shown below, was on the 8th November 1946.

They had six boys and one girl but tragically Tomas died at a very young age. They served the people fo Rathmore very well until 1969 when Edmond died suddenly at a football match in Fitzgerald Stadium in Killarney. Peggy Reen (Millstreet) came to work with Maura and took over the pharmacy in October 1970.

She married Tom Fox from Westmeath in 1971 and operated the pharmacy until August 2014 when her nephew David Reen from Listowel took over.

A selection of historical labels from the pharmacy
A selection of old bottles still in the pharmacy